Friday, August 16, 2019

August 2019 - Dr. Molly A. McCormick

This month, Surgical Outreach for the Americas (SOfA) recognizes Dr. Molly A. McCormick for Excellence.  Dr. McCormick has planned and coordinated anesthesiology activities for our surgical mission trips to developing countries in Central and South America. Her knowledge, work ethic and concern for the welfare of others makes her a leader in the Washington University community and a valued friend of SOfA.

A critical component of SOfA's field surgery program, anesthesia creates a "sleep-like" state for SOfA patients to prevent pain and mental trauma during the hundreds of surgeries performed by SOfA's volunteer doctors and nurses.

Dr. McCormick, thank you so much for your hard work and commitment to improving the health and lives of so many adults and children!

Dr. McCormick joined Washington University School of Medicine in 2006 where she quickly established herself as an exceptional clinician and leader. She is currently the Clinical Director and Anesthesiology Director of POD4, She is a graduate of University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine 6 year combined BA/MD program. She trained in anesthesiology at St. Joseph Hospital in Syracuse, NY and then completed a year of specialty training at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Good News -------Delivered!

If you're looking for Good News, Surgical Outreach for the Americas (SOfA) has a lot to share!

Whether you are a Philanthropist, Former Patient, Colleague, Family Member or Community Well Wisher, SOfA values your interest and support...

In fact, so many good things are happening, we've created some new electronic communications to share our Good News and reach out when our medical professionals or patients need a hand.

What can our Fans expect?

First, just a quick email now and then...

We think our generous donors will love seeing how their kind donations are helping people with serious medical needs. Trip reports, photos, patient stories. Good news for a change.

Second, we will send you an occasional invitation to our fundraisers. We hope to see you at every one, since it's never the same without you! Register, stop in - it's a FUN time for a worthy cause. We love to catch up with our old friends, make new friends and raise the funds we need to continue our surgical missions in Central and South America. We are a 100% volunteer organization and we are committed to spending every donation wisely.

Third. sometimes we need a little help from our Friends (of SOfA). We may ask for underwear, socks, medical supplies, stuffed animals...when you can help - respond quickly! We so appreciate your generous support! If the timing is "off" or or request isn't a good match for you - we understand! Send a cheerful thought our way and above all, please stay on our email list - so we can continue to stay connected!

Your caring support allows us to provide medical care for under served communities in Central and South America. Our mission continues to expand because of YOU and we want to share the stories of hope and gratitude of those we help with those that make the SOfA mission possible.

We hope you will join us at SOfA's Trivia Night, Saturday, November 16, 2019.

IYour Friends at SOfA