Tuesday, July 3, 2018

El Salvador Mission Highlights

One of the many highlights of this years' mission to Hospital de Maternidad in Texacuangos, El Salvador, was the nurse's lecture provided by Jeanie Fry, one of our volunteers.  Jeanie put together and excellent talk entitled "Preoperative and Postoperative Care of Gallbladder Surgery Patients".  Her talk was presented at a local hospital and was well attended as you can see by the photo below.
Education is one of SOfA's primary goals, along with providing surgical care for those in need.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make El Salvador 2018 a huge success.
Dr. Brent Matthews also delivered an inspiring lecture to local medical students and surgery residents in training.  This lecture is always a big hit, with the focus on hernias.

Jeanie Fry lectures on Gall Bladder Surgery

Dr. Brent Matthews lectures on Hernias

Dr. Joe Hurley examines a child with a hernia

Nurse Pam Thurston comforts a patient in the postop area

Dr. Molly McCormick talks with a family member following surgery