Saturday, January 20, 2018

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TRIP #10 - one week away!

We are one week away from our 10th trip to the Dominican Republic - our team of 19 will depart on Saturday, January 27th - during our one week stay we will operate Monday through Friday - our primary focus will be hernia repairs for those without access to surgical care for their hernia disease.  I say disease because here in the United States, a hernia repair is generally a benign (or somewhat, but not always of course) procedure that one recovers from rather easily.  In countries where hernias are left unattended for years, and often from birth, they become more complex, and impair the lives of those patients who live with the chronic hernia.

Please keep us in your thoughts and send positive vibes our way to ensure a successful week.  We are grateful to all of you for your support over these past ten years.  SOfA is doing great things thanks to all of you! Below is a happy patient.  He did well from his hernia surgery, and left the clinic with a new pair of briefs (to help contain the fresh incision), a new blanket (which often serves as their new mat on a dirt floor), a new pair of socks (because patients do not go back to the operating room on a stretcher - they WALK - thus a pair of clean socks), and, if you're a kid, like Jose' below, you get to choose a stuffie (all of these items donated by ALL OF YOU!).

I get choked up when I think of how so many contribute to make all of this happen.  We will update you on our progress next week......

Peggy Frisella